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A recent Stanford study found that staff are more productive, have less sick days and are more loyal to their employer when working remotely. To ensure your business takes advantage of these amazing benefits, you need a remote recruitment specialist.

They can help you select the best talent for your needs, while helping you save time and cut costs. Before we deliver the benefits of working with remote staffing specialists, let’s be clear on what a remote staffing agency is.

A remote staffing agency specialises in the recruiting of talent to work remotely for a company. COVID-19 restrictions have opened our eyes to the value of remote working for businesses. What was first a necessity to impede the spread of COVID-19 is now a prominent thread in the workforce and will greatly affect the future of work.

Remote work offers staff the chance to be more productive, to transcend geographical barriers, to enjoy a better work-life balance, and to take advantage of contemporary technology. Organisations that aren’t leveraging remote working models are missing out.

Here are our top seven reasons why businesses should work with remote staffing agencies:

Improved candidate quality

A quality hire isn’t limited to recruiting a candidate with all the right qualifications and experience. New hires need to fit in with the company and bring valuable soft skills. Staffing specialists are trained to identify this in candidates. They’re experienced in managing people and knowing the right questions to ask in determining whether a candidate is a good fit for a position.

Expanded talent pools

When you hire people who need to commute to work, you’re restricting talent options to your geographical region. Working remotely opens the door to global talent access. Remote staffing consultants can help you expand talent options even further through their strategic networks. They can source and screen the best in record time.

Reduced hiring costs

Working remotely already allows businesses to reduce significant costs associated with the hiring process. Every time you add a new member to your team, you need to make space in your office and buy more equipment. These costs are removed from the equation with remote work. You can further reduce hiring costs by working with remote staffing specialists. 

Lengthy hiring processes, posting on job boards as well as screening candidates can eat up time and money. When you outsource your remote staffing needs, all these costs are streamlined in one affordable package. This allows you to gain new talent more efficiently.

Improved candidate delivery

The onboarding process is an employee’s first impression and touchpoint with your business. This is thus a crucial process to get right in ensuring you successfully sign on your desired candidate. Clunky onboarding processes can be very off-putting for prospective talent. 

From expertly crafted job descriptions to timely feedback, a remote staffing agency can help execute a smooth-sailing onboarding process. This instils greater confidence in the candidate’s decision to join your organisation.

Better candidate experience

Remote office environments lend themselves to a positive candidate experience through enabling better work-life-balance. Before COVID-19, many business leaders and managers were apprehensive towards the idea of people working remotely. They were concerned workers wouldn’t be as productive. 

We now know this isn’t the case. In a study of over 16,000 people by Harvard University’s Quarterly Journal of Economics, it was found that people who worked from home experienced a 13% increase in productivity. The reasons for the increase in productivity included quieter workspaces (allowing for more focused work), fewer sick days and more convenient breaks (e.g. getting food and beverages and going to the bathroom). 

Remote recruitment specialists are well-versed in the benefits of remote working as well as the type of people who thrive in remote environments. They can help you hire talent who fit in and enjoy your business structure.

Guaranteed hiring consistency

A business’s hiring process can differ across departments. This makes the recruitment process messy and unpredictable. A remote recruitment agency can ensure a consistent process throughout. They know the responsibilities of hiring new talent, how onboarding works and the goals that need to be achieved at each point of the hiring process. 

Both you and the candidate can have a much better experience when you know what to expect at each stage of the recruitment operation. Choose a remote staffing agency if you want guaranteed hiring consistency.

Keep focused on core responsibilities

Recruiting new employees forces you to take time away from core business functions. Given that the business world has no competition shortage, time spent hiring new talent can hinder your company’s ability to keep pace. When you outsource your remote staffing needs, you can focus on what you do best.

Remote specialists can help you acquire top talent, reduce costs, streamline hiring processes, and compete globally. Consult with a remote staffing agency if you want to grow your remote team faster and smarter.  

Who can fulfill such a task?

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May 2024