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Why dedicated remote staff are great for startups!

Building a team in a traditional office environment, with furniture and equipment is expensive, particularly if you are located in a big city where office space is scarce or incredibly expensive. When you are first launching a business, keeping overheads low is critical for success. One way to keep your administration and overheads down is … Continue reading Why dedicated remote staff are great for startups!

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Why should you hire a Virtual Assistant?

Are you excited that your business growing faster than you anticipated? Businesses that are successful and growing often need to hire additional staff in order to manage the increased workload. However, hiring additional staff results in increased overheads and would thus negatively impact your profit margins. Not just that, it could sometimes be the case, … Continue reading Why should you hire a Virtual Assistant?

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Avurudu Celebrations!

The Sinhala and Tamil New Year is always a special time, regardless of race or religion. Everyone looks forward to the mouth watering treats, reserved specifically for this time of the year, the Avurudu games and much more! The team at Sydpro decided to hold its Avurudu Celebrations at Club Bentota, Bolgoda this year. It … Continue reading Avurudu Celebrations!

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Superloop Superstar

Superloop recently began a program with the aim of identifying excellent team players who perform above and beyond by delighting its internal and external customers. The Customer Superstar Monthly Awards began in June 2018, and the staff at Sydpro have consistently been winning the award. Superloop has entrusted its customer service to Sydpro.